Our Story


The Chabros (Chabo Brothers) are from Syria. Michal and John are worship leaders, who fled their homes in 2012 because of the war in Syria, and landed in Milwaukee, their new base for music-making. Their passion is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ through their music. 

Worship for them is a living experience with God and that's why they are doing it, to lead people into that depth of knowing Him.
Michal is a song writer and worship leader, currently working as a Worship Leader at Eastbrook Church. While he tends to gravitate toward singing and playing acoustic guitar, he easily finds his way around on drums, bass and electric guitar, as well as having some experience with recording/production. 

John is a pianist, spending the majority of his time behind his keyboard. However, when you don't find him there, chances are you will find him behind the bar at Colectivo, making some killer lattes. 

The Chabros have led worship for a number of churches, Christian fellowships, and on campuses, and look forward to all God has in store for them ahead.